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Beachfront Vacation Checklist

People often ask what they should bring. Naturally, that kind of depends…..

  • Condo or Hotel?
  • Do you plan to cook a lot or eat out?
  • How long are you staying?


While the Condos come with fully equipped kitchens with all the kitchenware you’ll need, the Efficiencies come with service for two and the Hotel units only have Styrofoam cups.

Generally, we  suggest the following list of items at a minimum:

  • Beach towels, beach chairs & a pop-up awning or umbrella
  • Beach toys (though we always have some left over in the Toy Bin that you can borrow)
  • Cooler with wheels is always helpful
  • Paper plates, plastic cutlery, and some solo cups makes clean up time a little quicker
  • Salt, Pepper, Garlic Seasoning & your favorite spices in case you’re going to grill some fish, burgers or steaks
  • Charcoal & lighter fluid…it’s a bit cheaper at Wal-Mart ahead of time than buying it here
  • Food? Depends, but always nice to at least plan on having some sandwich makin’s and chips around for snacks…especially for lunchtime
  • Drinks? You can bring them from home or buy them here on the island. The good thing about buying here is that there’s less to pack and bring, and you can buy it here already cold and ready for drinking. Sometimes folks bring down 3 cases of warm drinks and load up the fridge and wonder why it’s not getting cold fast enough.

Whatever you’ve forgotten, you can always pick up here. We have lots of gift shops, a nice little grocery store, a couple of liquor stores and several convenience stores. Check out our On The Island Page.